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Who We Are:

The Rochester Corvette Club has been continuously active since it was founded in 1959. We are among the oldest Corvette Clubs in the United States. A social club with 400 + members, we offer something for everyone.

One of the oldest Corvette Clubs in the country, check out our Club History.

Presidents Report

Lots of events coming up, keep your eye on the web site and your e-mails. We could still use some help with the united way day of caring at the stone tolan house. The weather is great, you own the greatest sports car ever made. Get out of the house.

Jim Hill,
RCC President

Vice Presidents Report

Spring has finally sprung, the roads are clean and our cars are out in the sun again. Life is Good! Our membership continues to grow and we are all happy to see all of the new faces. As of the end of April we had 393 active members. This is an increase of approximately 60 people over April of 2014. It is really nice to see all of the new faces at our meetings and at the various events that we have had, so far this year.

This year is starting off with a lot of activity and a lot of participation by club members. I want to personally thank those that have stepped up to coordinate our early year efforts. In the past few weeks weíve seen: April 18 - Steve Popple, with an assist from our friends at VanBortel, set up a very successful trip to opening at the Glen with approximately 40 cars driving the track;. April 11 & April 19 - Gary Clum set up two very nice day cruises; April 20 Ė One of our most successful Spring Cabin Parties; May 3 Ė Bud Thayer led a nice trip for 12 cars down to the Curtis Museum and the Bully Winery for lunch. Itís been a very busy first few weeks, but thatís the way we like it. A lot of events to include a lot of members. Keep your ideas flowing of activities that sound good to you, Step up to co-ordinate if you can, Participate as much as you can. Itís going to be a good summer!

Ed Steir,
RCC Vice President

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