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Who We Are:

The Rochester Corvette Club has been continuously active since it was founded in 1959. We are among the oldest Corvette Clubs in the United States. A social club with 350+ members, we offer something for everyone.

One of the oldest Corvette Clubs in the country, check out our Club History.

Presidents Report

Can anyone tell me where summer went? They say your life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. That sure seems to be true in my case anyway. We still have some events to do, before we put the toys away. Most of these will be last minute deals so keep an eye on the web page and your e-mails and try to attend as many events as you can. Be safe.

- Jim Hill, RCC Vice President

RCC gets some airtime on WROC CH8

Jim Carroll and John Och make a delivery to Van Bortel Chevrolet on behalf of the Rochester Corvette Club, July 9, 2014. Special thanks to Pat Och and Steve Finn for facilitating the acquisition of this beautiful trophy cabinet, and to Matt and Nate, (Kitty, too ;)), for the assist in its delivery.

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