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2023 Club Charity Nominees

1)  Laurel House - submitted by Club Member John Addyman 315.573.7489

   At our November meeting, the Rochester Corvette Club membership will choose a charity to support in 2023.  

   I ask you to support the Laurel House Comfort Care Home in Newark. 

   We have been in existence since 2018. We care for people who are in their last 90 days of life. These are people who don’t wish to die in a hospital, but cannot die at home. 

   So we open our home to them.  

   We are literally neighbors helping neighbors.  

   Although we are in Newark, we accept residents – and we have only two beds – from the Rochester area when a bed is not available in another comfort care home, and at a family’s request. 

   We never ask for payment.  

   Our caregivers are our neighbors, many of whom have a healthcare background or who have taken care of a family member who had a serious, life-ending illness. Our caregivers are volunteers, as are the people who do maintenance, paint, cook, clean, landscape, fund-raise and provide office support.  

   Laurel House’s $250,000 annual budget is raised through many fund-raisers – a 5K in July, a gala in the fall, painting nights, luminaria at Christmas, chicken barbecues, a second-hand store in Newark – and the good graces and generosity of a number of companies and civic groups and organizations. 

   When a resident comes to Laurel House, the stress is lifted off family members who have been trying to care for that person. Family knows their loved one will be compassionately care for.  

   The resident individually directs much of the care we provide. We offer comfort, palliative care as prescribed by our resident’s doctor. We do our best to give the resident peace and precious time to say good-bye to friends and family, to make final arrangements, and to reflect on a life well-lived. We offer pastoral and spiritual care if requested, and for those residents who are so alone because of family circumstance, we become family. 

   Neighbors helping a neighbor. It’s that simple. 

   I am not unusual in my time as a caregiver. I’ve brought books to residents. I’ve sat and watched sports events with a resident. I’ve listened to stories about wars in Vietnam and Korea. I’ve cooked French Toast and made sandwiches for residents. I’ve talked about cars and especially, Corvettes. I’ve sat in a chair and read while residents slept so that if they woke up, they knew someone was close. No one dies alone at Laurel House. 

   Not only am I asking for the club’s support, I’m inviting anyone interested in Laurel House to meet me there for a tour. As so many people who have made their first visits have said, “I didn’t expect it to be this quiet, this peaceful, this home-like.” 

   And if you’re interested in comfort care homes and would like to see what’s closer to you, please let me know and I’ll make some calls for you.  

   Many of us members of the Rochester Corvette Club are of a certain age and know first-hand the sadness and grief of losing a loved one, and taking care of someone who is dying. Comfort Care homes in western New York are a refuge for those in need, and for a couple of decades, were unique in America.   

   Laurel House is a welcoming place for someone to finish the last lap in life. Our club can make a difference as a sponsor for this charity.  


John Addyman


2)  Anna's Wish - submitted by Club Member Marie Harder

Anna’s Wish was started in honor of Anna McKinney who succumbed to cancer at age 5.  During her short life she loved sharing gifts with others and watching their smiles as they opened them.  By giving to Anna’s Wish all of your donation is used directly for the purchase of gifts, tickets, birthday parties and other pick me ups for children battling cancer.  Very often, because of financial, physical or time constraints parents are unable to provide gifts and extras.  The sole purpose of this foundation  is to help families provide their children with the joy they deserve and to perhaps aid in forgetting, if only for a moment, about the worries cancer brings .

Two factors to keep in mind is

1) 100% of your donation goes directly to gift giving.  Jeff McKinney (Anna’s Dad) pays all administrative/Secretarial fee and supplies. And,

2) the money stays local- families in need are identified and referred by hospital personnel.

Your donation is tax deductible.  Anna’s Wish is a Federal and New York State approved 501(c)(3) charity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Marie Harder

2022 Club Charity



IACKids is ready to help: What we do:

IACKids was started in 2012 in an effort to give back to families in the Greater Rochester New York region going through financial hardships due to their child’s severe illness.  While the top priority is being with their child and managing their medical care, the financial burden associated with long term hospitalization often adds an incredible amount of stress.  When children are seriously ill, parents want to be with their sick child as much as possible and because of that they sometimes lose their job because of time away, be forced to reduce their hours, or take unpaid medical leave. During this time, they still have to manage their lives as they did prior to their child’s illness; their other children, home, monthly bills, and so much more.  As contributing members of our society it is important to give back to those in need, and IACKids was assembled to do just that. It is the IACKids goal to empower our community to give back to these families in need so that they can concentrate on their child’s illness and not worry about falling behind financially.

Our community is a melting pot of generous individuals, families, and corporations who have shown over many years to lend a hand to those in need. So whatever your contribution can be, no matter the size of your generosity, we look forward to working with you to help children and families within our community.

IACKids Mission:

IACKids was formed for the charitable purpose of aiding families living in the Greater Rochester New York region who are in need of financial assistance during their child’s long-term inpatient / outpatient hospitalization.

IACKids will provide such individuals with financial assistance if they are unable to afford their housing, transportation, and / or medical costs. Through hard work, thoughtful giving and selflessness, and a focus on the needs of these children, IACKids and its supporters strive to offer the much-needed assistance to get through these troubling times.

Meet the Kids:

How To Help:

Upcoming and Past Events:

IACKids Latest News:

IACKids partnership with Golisano Children’s Hospital:

Contact Us:

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Jeff Williams

Charity Coordinator 

The Rochester Corvette Club has donated to many charities since 1959, including:

      • C.A.R.E
      • Honor Flight Rochester
      • ALS Foundation
      • Patriot Guard Riders
      • OASIS Adaptive Sports
      • Mary M. Parks Center for Asthma
      • St. Joseph’s Villa (2-3 times)
      • The Norman Howard School
      • Cure (3-4 times)
      • The Rotary Sunshine Camp
      • The Ronald McDonald House
      • Strong Children’s Medical Center
      • The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial
      • Camp Good Days
      • Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester
      • Mercy Flight Central
      • The Vietnam Veteran’s Outreach Center - Chapter 20
      • The Make A Wish Foundation
      • KATS (Kids adjusting Through Support)
      • Strong Hospital's Pediatric HIV Children's Program
      • The Humane Society
      • Nicholas C. Shakeshaft Learning Center
      • Special Olympics
      • Teddy and Tyler Burke Memorial Playground
      • Scott Spino Foundation
      • Guiding Eyes for the Blind
      • The Open Door Mission

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